BEYOND – Pride Special

July 08, 2017
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10pm - 6am
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Pride in London Special

I will tell you a story which was told to me when I was little. Every time I thought of the story, it seemed to me to become more and more charming, for it is with stories as it is with many people: they become better as they grow older.

Once upon a time, and a very good time too, though it was not in my time,
nor your time, nor for the matter of that in any one’s time, good and evil shared the world, as one could not coexisted without the other.

Saturday 8th July, the fantasy world known as London celebrates Pride, and Beyond will take you on a journey into a mystical realm where everyone is welcome, harmonious and Unicorns roam free over the rainbow.

Starting at 10pm the night will be soundtracked by Steve Pitron, Tony English, Lee Harris and Michel Mizrahi in the Main Palace, whilst Massimo Paramour, Nic Fisher and Mahdame Crystal MC will take over the dungeon.
Come and join us in this fantasy world, brought to you for one night only.

Hosted by JJ Clark & Alfonso Cinque

Show Productions & Costumes by Ashley Swift & Martin Rab

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In association with Smirnoff & Andrew Christian

In the days when animals talked like people. Those were the good old days! Sigh!

Followed by Beyond Utopia from 4am until VERY Late at Fire