Club Policy


Club Policy

The Coronet operates the following search policy:

  • ANYBODY entering the premises is subject to a body and bag search
  • By entering the premises, guests agree to be searched on entry, at random and on exit from the premises
  • Any guest not agreeing to this policy is advised not to enter the premises
  • Please note that the following items will be removed from all persons entering the premises and disposed of appropriately or handed to Police:
    • Food & Drinks
    • Chewing Gum
    • Any item deemed to be a weapon
    • Any substance suspected of being an illegal drug
    • Drug paraphernalia such as grinders or pipes
    • Any substances, pills or medication that are not in their original packaging
    • Eye drops & nasal sprays
    • Sharp objects such as scissors, needles, penknives etc.


The Coronet uses CLUB SCAN

  • Producing a valid form of photographic identification and submitting that for scanning on Club Scan is a condition on entry to the premises, regardless of age
  • The Coronet also operates a ‘Challenge 25’ policy – anybody appearing to be under the age of 25 will be asked to provide proof of age identification, e.g. passport or drivers license
  • Guests who do not wish their identification to be scanned are advised not to enter the premises
  • The Coronet does not use Club Scan information for marketing purposes
  • Please click on the link below for more information on Club Scan

Southwark  have launched a new Proof of Age card known as PAL (Proof of Age London)

 This card is supported by local authorities, Metropolitan Police and the SIA.  It is also recognised by Club Scan

 The card is free to residents and students in the borough of Southwark, £8.00 to those who reside outside of the borough

 For more information, or to apply for a card please click the link below.  Applications take around 2 weeks to process

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