Phone Safety

Your guide to keeping your phone safe
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Phone Safety


Mobile Phones – Keeping them Safe

It is unfortunate that it is a daily occurrence that theft occurs in London’s clubs and bars.  The Coronet is also a target for theft.

Please help us to keep your property safe

  • Activate your security PIN on your phone
  • Utilize your GPS on smart phones
  • iPhone users, register your phones with the ‘Find iPhone’ App
  • Register your phones IMEI number at – it’s a free service!
  • Use the FREE mobile phone drop in our main cloakroom
  • If you use your phone whilst on the premises, keep it safe on your person – do not keep them in your back pocket, keep bags closed and secured, avoid using your phone in crowded areas
  • Be aware of who is around you – if your phone does go missing, report it to security immediately
  • Be aware of strangers being over friendly and trying to hug you!  Thieves often work in groups, while one is distracting you, another is trying to pick your pocket or bag
  • Crowded areas such as dance floors and busy bar areas are rich pickings for thieves – LOOK AFTER  YOUR BELONGINGS



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