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Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Want to give the sci-fi fan inside you a visual treat? The TARDIS just hit London right on time. Yes, you got that right. Once again, the famous Immersive London production of Doctor Who: Time Fracture is welcoming you all to the magic beyond the earth drama and fantasy ride, right here in London Theatre...

‘Doctor Who - Time Fracture’ is the BBC certified theatre adaptation of the famous Doctor Who series-based drama that narrates UNIT’s story and their quest to save the earth from the long battle against time, space, and otherworldly forces.

The play involves the adventures of the long disbanded UNIT, who reunite to keep the fracture in time and the chaos that comes out of it in check. And what happens next indeed promises you a fun-filled mysterious, adventurous, and most importantly, beautiful audio-visuals of space and beyond.

So, without further ado, just grab the first ticket out there and behold the drama unfold in front of you.

The TARDIS Hits Immersive London

The show is produced by London’s longest-running theatre gig’s producers, Immersive Everywhere. These are the same great minds behind the long-running and acclaimed production of Great Gatsby. Moreover, it is directed by the famous Tom Maller, the same guy behind Secret Cinema’s 28 Days Later, Casino Royale, Blade Runner and has a fresh arc written by Daniel Dingsdale.

The Immersive London production of ‘Doctor Who’ breathes life into immortal characters like the Time Lord, Delek, and Cybermen coming together on the grand stage. Watch how the actors save the world from the perils of boredom and alien threats together.

Book Your Tickets Before the Time Fracture Grows

The show is a sci-fi gig, and thus the Immersive London has worked hard to give you all a visual treat. So get ready to be amazed by the latest VFX, a series of lighting displays never seen before and all the intergalactic drama unfolding live. Sci-fi lovers are sure to go crazy for the tickets and the live adventure.

To watch all of this LIVE, you have to book your tickets in advance. So be as fast and alert as the main character of Doctor Who and get the tickets real quick to get yourself this never-seen-before immersive experience. Just hit the Book Now button, and you’re good to go!

Doctor Who: Time Fracture Tickets

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Doctor Who: Time Fracture Tickets, Schedule, Tour and more...

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Doctor Who: Time Fracture Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for Doctor Who: Time Fracture are affected by many different factors. These factors may include the seating capacity of the venue, the location of the event and whether the tour is sold out. Prices for tickets will also be affected by the location of your seats and if you're closer to the stage as in floor seats, in the lower level close to the stage or whether it is an upgraded VIP package.

How much are Doctor Who: Time Fracture tickets?

Average ticket prices for Doctor Who: Time Fracture will vary but generally you'll find lower priced discount tickets farthest from the stage. If you’re in search for cheap Doctor Who: Time Fracture tickets, the upper levels furthest from where the stage is located will typically have the cheapest prices. Also, expect to pay more for premium seating or VIP tickets.

Doctor Who: Time Fracture Tour Dates & Theatre Schedule

You will find that Doctor Who: Time Fracture tour dates will vary from year to year. Generally, most tours will last between 6 to 12 months, but it's possible that they extend over several years in cases when it's a final tour. For the Doctor Who: Time Fracture schedule, 20-50 tour dates are the general standard.

Shopping with us at CoronetTheatre.co.uk makes it easier to get into the venue because when you shop with us we make it easy to find seats to the Doctor Who: Time Fracture tour. Move past the line at the box office and go directly to your seats with our mobile transfer Doctor Who: Time Fracture tour tickets.

When do Doctor Who: Time Fracture tickets go on sale?

Ordinarily, Doctor Who: Time Fracture tour tickets will go on sale 3-5 months prior to the first performance and occasionally actually over one year prior. Once a theatre schedule and dates for a tour are published, you can visit our site and check the event calendar to locate your perfect date and venue. Doctor Who: Time Fracture tickets will typically be available within 24-48 hours of a tour announcement. Secure your seats today since there is never a need for a presale code.

Doctor Who: Time Fracture Seating Chart

Seating capacity will depend on the venue used for the tour, festival or other event. Larger festivals and events can have up to 100,000 attendees per day. Larger sized arenas tend to have a seating capacity upwards of 20,000 seats which include luxury seating options such as box seats, VIP sections and suites. Lawn seating and general admission is generally available at most festivals.

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